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Another busy weekend 
29th-Apr-2007 07:50 pm
Friday -- pager, guitar, bathroom:
I can barely remember Friday. Got out of work later than I hoped. Ran by storage and picked up some more stuff. Brought it back by the house. Managed to unload it, keeping everything still on my side of the garage.

Did more touch up in the bathroom. (NEXT TIME -- 2 coats no matter WHAT you think it looks like!)

Signed up for freecycle (both Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti) and listed the '72 Datsun 510 wheels I've had in storage for 20 years.

Got the piles of laundry unloaded and folded, although not put away. (That will take the bathroom stuff being out of that portion of the bedroom.)

Got a call that the person who now has the inventory pager REALLY wants (due to sudden family matters) to not-have it. While waiting for her to show up I put the D-string (Yes, it _was_ the D that broke) on my classical guitar. I bought that probably most of 2 years ago. Found my tuning fork. Was **amazed** that the 3 high strings hadn't lost it at all, although the bottom 2 sure had. I didn't take the time to trim my left fingernails, so I did a lousy job, but I found that I remembered things (eventually) that I hadn't played in quite a while. Playing still sucks, of course, but it felt good to hold the guitar.

Got the towel rack and hook and this and that and the other (including the shower curtain bar) installed. Cussed a bit on that, because on each side there was one screw that just wasn't biting into anything when I tried to screw it in. (I used a trick I'd heard of for screwing into wood, but I figured it couldn't hurt -- and spent a matchstick -- and both of them seem to have been served well by it.) Put up new towels. Then (after 1am) I skied. I think I got to bed between 2 and 2:30.

Saturday -- wake-up call, accomplishments
At about 9:30 the phone rang. I'm not going to say I was awake when I answered it, but I managed to maintain some level of alertness, and I actually remember at least some of what the spouse said -- mostly involving return date and time I'd need to leave here in order to be there by.

Eventually got up, got breakfast. jebra followed me out to the storage unit at about noon. We loaded the spouse's beast and his beast up with storage stuff and brought it home. That first trip took about 2 hours. Unloaded, and went back for more. I thought it looked possible that we'd only need one more trip, so I brought the broom on the 3rd trip. I was right, and the unit is now emptied and swept, and the lock is home, and I've removed that key from my ring.

This is a great weight off of my shoulders. I'd given them my 10-day notice that I'd be out of there by next Friday and while I'm stubborn enough I think I could have done it, some large and heavy items I am VERY grateful to have had the help with.

Hadn't brought a camera, but I had the pager/phone, which is a treo and contains a camera! Behold, The Bumby Triumphant!

About 6pm, on the way home from storage we stopped for food. Just before we got back home it started raining. Unloaded the cars as best we could, reloaded his car with the stuff we'd removed to make room for storage junk, and then it stopped raining mostly. I actually threw away 2 heart-shaped boxes that I've been saving for way too long. I no longer remember from whom I got the chocolates, so I guess it's no longer even sentimental value. I needed a nudge from jebra to actually throw away the cloth roses that had been on the outside of one box, but I did it.

I touched up a bit more paint, did some vacuuming and other cleaning in the bathroom. jebra assisted me (ok, actually he did it) moving the over-the-toilet-and-bolted-to-the-wall thingy back in. He even managed to line the holes up with the holes already in the wall. Then he helped me with another large item -- something that had not been in the bathroom before, but which was part of my redesign. He pointed out a flaw in my thinking and figured a way around it. Not perfect, but my original thought was less so. Not enough room to do it well.

I did vacuuming as well down in the basement. Got up lots of spider debris (...the rubbish of spiders no mortal supposes...). Since the last time our basement flooded the "pantry" (a large black-plastic shelf) has been out at a rakish angle. I crawled behind there with the vacuum and got out much of the stuff under the steps from the bottom to the main level. Then I (using a plastic glove) picked up the mouse carcass -- mostly a skeleton by now -- under the stairs from the lower level into the basement and brought it outside for disposal. (Yes, then I disposed of the glove too.) After picking up many "trilobite" (don't know what they're really called,others call them roly-polys) carcasses, it found something too big to go down the hose. I reached up and pulled it out and had a bit of a bad experience. (Dealing with 10 years of spider and mouse debris in storage was frequently enough to have me overwhelmed with nausea, this, being something I'd actually touched, was possibly worse.) It was *wet*. When I recovered a bit I saw what it was -- paint, cardboard, well, I guess it's now soggy-wall. Then jebra moved my pantry back into position. It's vile enough that I'm going to have to take stuff off of it and clean the shelves. There are all sorts of oddly shaped plastic parts on it -- part of the packing material from the shipping of these shelves -- which I will throw away at that time.

jebra helped with yet another thing -- the installation of some devices that required gluing something to a surface, and I was just not confident in myself.

Got 2 loads of laundry done.

It was after 1am when I quit with the work and skied. I saw the clock change from 2:30 to 2:31 as I was crawling into bed.

Sunday -- the yard, the bathroom, and LJ:
I didn't sleep until past noon, as is my wont on weekends, but I did sleep pretty late. Up, washed my hair, got breakfast. Oh yeah -- dressed first. A bit before 2pm I started hauling the remainder of the chopped off limbs from the back yard to the lawn extension to be picked up by the city. About 45 minutes later I finished and went inside... and discovered that I'd not been wearing my pedometer. Hmph. Put it on.

Did some more painting touch-up *sigh* -- and then moved the can to the basement. I'm going to have to really care to bring it back up.

Discovered that with all the junk in my side of the garage, I really needed to pull the spouse's car out of the garage in order to make room to pull the lawn mower out.

The Diablo at the far-back is the real reason the mower can't exit.

I brought the "yard waste" bin back so I only had a portion of the yard to cross when I found more branches down -- but still I was making lots and lots of trips. After a short while I'd filled that bin, so I started hauling them to the front and dropping them on the chipper pile. After about 45 minutes while the mower's battery was doing fine, (1) I had made it most of the way around the outside (I mow from the outside in) (2) I had gotten to the place where the sump pump dumps, and the ground was not only soggy but covered in standing water, and (3) I was just about done in.

Shifted things around in the garage. I realized that the wheels I'm hoping to get rid of had become somewhat buried, so I dug them out and put them closer to the front of the garage.

Came inside, and have been working on re-hydrating myself, catching up on IYT (I have about 6 more games to play on), catching up on lj (I've gone from about 150 messages to read to about 80), and I'm nearly done with this entry.

jebra played in a concert this afternoon along with some flavor of the FCB -- I had wanted to attend that -- I've enjoyed everything I've seen any flavor of the FCB do. I've gotten (with help!) an awful lot done, but my primary feeling is that I still have SO MUCH more to do, not that I have accomplished a lot. Even with the progress in the bathroom (I should be able to use the shower there tomorrow night!) I have tons of stuff yet to do.

Noticed another section of the bathroom wall that really could stand to be touched up -- but I'm NOT GOING TO DO IT. Not unless I see something that's really terrible -- or unless the spouse notices.

Next, I'll continue to move stuff from the bedroom back into the bathroom, and work on processing all the Stack-O-Mail. And hope I get to bed today. Oh yeah. And I should get dinner.
30th-Apr-2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on many accomplishments! Now if only I had managed to help out! Guilt? I think I'll go on a trip.
30th-Apr-2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
No guilt; no worries. I figure if I'd gotten stuck and could have figured out when I'd be where with a day or 2 to spare I could have rung you up.
30th-Apr-2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
You know, some people bug me on an hour's notice, Adrien comes to mind, and she hasn't got nearly as many karma points built up as you do. If you start bugging me too much, I'll tell you, but you're too much the other direction. Yes, a day or two's notice might be nice, but calling the same day is okay too.

1st-May-2007 03:31 am (UTC)
30th-Apr-2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
"The Bumby Triumphant" -- I love it! Go you!
30th-Apr-2007 09:29 pm (UTC)
(Well, I must confess, _that_ part of the entry I didn't write. It was suggested and it made me smile so I used it. Glad you liked.)
30th-Apr-2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
Great work, what a job that must have been, congratulations!
1st-May-2007 03:33 am (UTC)
And still a bunch more to do (moving stuff back into the bathroom, and unpacking the stuff in the garage that is actually mine) -- but I am quite pleased. Thanks.
1st-May-2007 04:13 am (UTC)
I was impressed with how little there was left in the storage unit when I got there on Saturday. (And, similarly, how much was already in your garage.) It was my pleasure to help with the heavy items and to be there for the last few loads.

Also, the number of apparently vacant units testifies to the high likelihood that you're not the only customer who is upset.
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