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Yesterday's work 
27th-Apr-2007 10:00 am
The good, the bad and the annoying.

Annoying: Got out of work with only 45 minutes before I needed to be at my Japanese class. In that time I had been hoping to get by storage to grab another load of stuff and get dinner. I quickly realized that only one of those would happen, and since it was (still) pouring I chose food, which I got to-go and ate in class.

Good: Got home about 9:30. I'd been depressed and a bit annoyed that the huge chunks of tree limbs that I'd hauled to the curb were still there at the end of the day on Wednesday. (I'd thought the chippers came by on garbage day from April through October or November.) I wondered if I was going to have to cut them up small and put them in my yard waste can. (The rose-branches went in there, and they disappeared on Wednesday.) I was overjoyed to see that they were all gone. Now, if it ever stops raining, I can haul hopefully the rest of the branches out and mow the back yard for the first time this year. That's where our sump pump dumps, so the grass is quite thick already, and I expect it to take 3 passes to complete the back yard with our electric mower.

I had not gone by the Post Office, and the only piece of mail at the curb was something I didn't need to process, so it went into a recycle bin in the garage. Yay! No larger a mail-pile on Thursday.

Bad: Once inside, I heard the noise that indicated that the sump pump was running continually. (The switch was in the off position, but it hadn't shut off.) I hit it a few times and it stopped. (The next few times it ran, it blessedly behaved.)

Once in the basement to check the pump, I saw the flood. Small flood -- near the stairs. And it wasn't raining as hard now as it had been earlier, and it didn't seem to be increasing, so I just left it. After sleeping (and leaving for work this morning) I realized that I really should have at least mopped it up with towels, and left towels there so that, since it was still raining, IF it increased it would be contained.

Still haven't processed my laundry (I'm wearing jeans to work today). Still haven't done dishes. Still haven't processed the Stack-O-Mail on the bed.

Probably good: Once I'd processed the pump and considered the flood, I audio-edited about 2 and a half minutes of the class last night (as I'd offered to do -- I record the classes) and mailed them to the teacher to distribute to the class if it meets with her approval. She'd offered to do something if we all brought tape recorders next week, and I pointed at my little Olympus dingus, so she did it then. I'd asked her at the first class and she'd agreed, but somehow hadn't realized I was taping everything since then. Then I skied.

Annoying: I've gotten the bathroom I'm painting back to the position where it can be used for some tasks, and while I was performing one of them, I looked at the wall and saw 6 places that really needed a bit of touch-up paint. I marked them. After skiing I went upstairs, looked around, found 2 more places on a different wall. Grump. In a fit of conservation, after mixing the paint, I didn't put the mixer into a bucket of water, but instead into a cup, and used much of (but not all of) the paint clinging to it to do my touch-up. As usual I discovered about 3-5 times as many spots while I was painting that needed to be touched up than I had marked.

I washed my painting supplies, put away a few things, and washed my hair. Was actually done by 1am, but didn't get to bed... er... futon until after 1.

One more Painting observation: If you, under normal ceiling light, discover a partially bare spot, this does not mean that when you bring out the strong light and aim it there that you will be able to see it; Glare often looks VERY similar to white.
27th-Apr-2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
I think you need to collect all of your Painting Observations into one document once this project is over.

Because I know how bored you are most of the time. B-)
27th-Apr-2007 07:15 pm (UTC)
There's a paint on the market -- up here, at least -- that goes on pale purple and dries white. The idea being that you can't miss a spot ...
27th-Apr-2007 07:42 pm (UTC)
Heh. I kind of like that.

I think the problem with my bathroom (I was painting non-white over a prior coat of white) is that there was something evil in the prior paint job (or our gremlins have a sense of humor) that caused current paint coats to not-cling (I don't know what surface-tension does in drying paint) as well as I'd want them to. (They had kids and ran day-care too. Maybe they sprayed teflon in the bathroom? ;-) I have other indications that there were short-cuts in their painting.) It's prossible that the root problem was that the primer (white, put down over near-white) had not gotten a good coverage. It's possible that even had we done 2 coats of both the primer and the paints that the coverage wouldn't have been complete. It's quite likely that I'll do better next time. I figure for one I'll insist on 2 coats of everything.
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