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It's been over a week since I've had time to read my NYT headlines. Since I'm compulsive about some (hah!) things, I've gone back. It seems every article is about the shootings. Not what I was really hoping to relive. I didn't read all the articles, I haven't sought them out. But within everything I've seen and heard I'm struck by the count. Always 32. Yes, he killed 32 other people. Yes, what he did was terrible, and had I been there I would hope I would have done anything to stop it. Perhaps he was a being of Pure Evil, put on this earth by some god who wanted to spread their flavor of Evil. But if you don't believe that, it seems to me that he was a victim too.

I came to work on Tuesday with an nearly-inch long scabbed over scratch on my face. I know I'm more blunt, more socially inept, and perhaps more curious than some, but I was surprised that all day long (at work and at class and at the Ark) the only person who said anything about it was one to whom I'd mentioned my battle with the rosebush.

I finally opened the box containing an item I'd gotten on Sunday which will help me with my Japanese studies. Between this and that it took a few hours to bring it on-line. But it works!

Meanwhile, I tried to add the stack-o-mail I got at the POBox and the curb to the existing Stack-O-Mail, and it collapsed. I tried to grab it all (about 18 inches tall) and run it up to the bed -- that being the only flat surface I could count on. I lost a dozen pieces or so, but think I've collected them. Between this and that I never got to process the mail -- just like I still haven't put away the laundry from last weekend -- so I had to sleep on the futon last night when I finally got to bed a bit after midnight; the mail is covering half of the 18" X bed-length I've been sleeping in.

I put in my required 10-day notice at the storage company yesterday. A little scary, that, since I can't predict how long it'll take me at one car-load a day to get all that stuff, but it was time. It was raining, so I took only a few big things. So, I didn't get myself coated in dust. So I can actually put my work-clothes back in the closet and wear them again, right? Well, I *would* have been able to had I not spilled my lunch on my pants and spread my dinner all over my shirt. I need to process my laundry today since (assuming I go by storage today and get dusty) I have no more pants, and only 2 shirts.

On Tuesday I got a few new students in the ESL group conversation session I help tutor. One of them told me he worked at a particular restaurant half way between storage and work, so I stopped by there on the way back. He was at the checkout counter as I got my salad. I never get soda when I plan to go back to work, since I have coffee and coke here, but he put a drink glass up, and then made the check-out woman not-charge me for it. I said "no drink", he said "no charge". I didn't want to accept this, but I didn't want to be impolite. I am assuming that he was not flirting with me, but rather extending a thank-you for my time. (If I decide I'm wrong, I'll just not go back (there are 2 or 3 other good restaurants within spitting distance) while he's on duty.)

That's enough randomness for today.
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