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Progress, but not on painting 
20th-Apr-2007 03:34 pm
Took a CPR class offered at work. Although I was sure I'd fail the test, I figured that at least I would know more coming out of it than I knew going in. Well, there were 10 questions in 2 or 3 different sections, and we could miss 2 in each section. In the 2 sections we had to take, I had no errors (although I didn't remember her covering the material for one of the questions.) In the section we didn't need to take I got one wrong. Stupidly didn't read carefully enough. She'd drilled us "Do A First". The question was "You've shown up at a situation. You have just done something very much like A. What do you do first?" There were 2 stupid answers, A (which I picked, dumb, dumb, dumb, sloppy, reading too fast), and B, which was correct.

My Japanese class has one week off, so I went home last night (via storage) hoping to finish the touching up of the wall-color in the bathroom. Got home about 7, unpacked what I'd just brought from storage, packed the boxes I needed to bring to the con this weekend, and wandered over to a neighbor/friend's house. He used to drive a large van and I was hoping he'd have some free time in the next few weeks to give me a hand getting the spouse's STEEL DESK back to the garage. I had taken measurements with my body of the rough size, and he had a tape measure, and decided that it probably would fit in his Jimmy (which is rather smaller than the VAN he used to have, but somewhat larger than the spouse's vehicle). He and his daughter had time yesterday (!!!), and the 3 of us went over. We took the drawers out, and his daughter and I together made enough of a person, and 2 (real) people was all we really needed to carry it the short distance. This was somewhat complicated by 2 drawers that didn't come out the same way the other ones did. so it needed to be carried at an angle such that the remaining drawers wanted to close not open.

It would have been most convenient to put it in the truck on its back -- so we'd only need to tip it through 90 degrees at either end, but the handle on one of the remaining drawers stuck out too far, so we needed to turn it on its head.

But we got it back home and unloaded it and only dropped it a few inches -- from the inside of the way-back to the top of the bumper. And rotated it, set it on its feet, and put it in the space I'd left clear.

Now I just need to pull the small things that were rattling around in the desk out (a golf tee, a drawer roller that had fallen off...) and put the drawers in, and hope that the garage door still closes. If not, I'll need to move a few boxes in order to shove it an inch further in.

       So, 2 neighbors/friends and a Jimmy hauled my desk for a Wendy's meal!
20th-Apr-2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
The thing to remember about the Red Cross tests is that there are a lot of trick questions. You have to read REALLY carefully. This is kind of stupid because the things they're trying to trip you up on are not things that you would ever make a mistake on in real life.
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