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How I spent my weekend 
16th-Apr-2007 01:02 pm

Stats geek works this past weekend.

Friday I drove out to Royal Oak to pick up some stuff from some friends there who will not be able to bring these items to the convention I'm going to next weekend.

On the way back I picked up a friend who'd offered to help me on the bathroom this past weekend, and who had some ideas about what could/should be done. Then I stopped at the cat house to provide love and food for the 4-footers whose people are on vacation.

Got home about 10pm, did the last bit of taping and sanding, and then applied primer. About 12:30 am we were done painting, and 1am were done cleaning up.

Saturday started with my final trip to the cat house, followed by breakfast. Home & working by 12:30 pm. Finished putting the first coat onto the ceiling and doing more taping by 3pm. Spent some time on LJ (gosh, though, my pants, while not completely bankrupt, are pretty threadbare!) while my friend went on-line to work on other computer problems. Then we ran out to Home Depot to pick up some more stuff. Part way through this shopping trip I realized that I was HUNGRY, so we stopped for food.

Back home & working about 9:00 pm. Taping & putting more paint on the ceiling until 9:45. Cleaned up some of the mess from earlier (until 10:15), and then painting the walls until 12:30, and cleaning until 1am.

Sunday I was completely exhausted, and stayed in bed until after noon. My visiting friend/native guide (he's painted bathrooms before)/help is generally pretty sleep-deprived as well, and hadn't gotten up much earlier. 1pm - 2pm we spent removing tape and cussing. Then we went out for "breakfast" -- not managing to make it to our standard breakfast joint before they closed, so selecting a small restaurant without a non-smoking section. Although nobody was actively smoking, I didn't think I could stay there, so we got it to go, and then drove for 10 or 15 miles looking for a park to eat in. Drove him home, and then got home myself at about 7pm.

More taping (so I could paint the trim), and then painting until 9pm. (I'm glad I set myself up with a wireless phone and headset, since I got a call from the F.I.L while painting.) Took about 15 minutes to finish cleaning the stuff I'd dirtied.

If my math skills are up to this, I spent 11 hours (which doesn't sound like a lot, but it was surely exhausting) painting this past weekend and 1.75 hours cleaning up from having painted. And a lot more time waiting for paint to dry sufficiently to move on to the next stage.

(1) If there are 2 people working, and they are doing vastly dissimilar things (like painting the ceiling and applying tape near the floor), fewer "man-hours" will go into the process than if one person is swapping back and forth.
(2) ... unless they need to work in too much of the same location, and need to avoid each other, or wait for the one to move until the other can do their task.
(3) Cleaning is a PAIN.
(4) Brushes, pans, buckets will never be as clean as they were before they were used.
(5) Rollers will NOT come clean. You can spend lots of time and water on them and then throw them away the next day when you realize just how not-clean they are, or you can just throw them away after using them.
(6) No matter how good it looks when you're working on it, the next day, under the light of the sun, if you're a perfectionist you will see many blemishes. Some of which might even be noticed by someone else.
(7) The rubber-like sealant near the top of the tub can be painted ... sort of.
(8) ... but when you take the tape off of the tub, it will peel off a lot of random pieces of the paint from the rubber-like sealant.
(9) Just because the paint will "dry" in 4 hours, doesn't mean that, in places like "corners" when you peel off the adjacent tape, it won't cause an uneven border because some of the paint you want comes off too.
(10) If the prior owners painted white in a shoddy fashion over pink, which itself may have been done shoddily, you cannot predict when you peel the tape up whether the paint stuck to it will be white or pink.
(11) If the two colors you are using are close enough (let's call them "fuchsia" and "hot pink"), and you paint the lighter color first, it is possible to get confused or into trouble when painting the darker color, as it may, when wet, look identical to the other, when dry.
(12) Even if you didn't go anywhere near that part of the bathroom with a brush covered with the trim color, that doesn't mean that you won't find a splotch of the trim color that you didn't notice while it was wet in the middle of a wall.
(13) Don't be shocked when you look in the bathroom mirror the next day and find that a certain amount of your hair has taken on one of the colors you were painting with.
(14) Even if you want to "be safe" and not move back into that room for 2 weeks to let the walls really dry, and you think 2 weeks sounds like an impossibly long time, you won't necessarily be done patching all the problems you've noticed by the end of those 2 weeks. (Ok, I don't know this yet, but that's my cynical side talking.)
(15) One of those halogen utility lights-on-a-tripod that you can aim is not quite as good as direct sunlight for checking your work, but if the paint looks good and even under that, this is a good thing.
(16) You need a particular sort of imagination to really understand from a swatch what the room will look like when covered in that color. I don't have it. The color was recommended by a friend, and I wasn't sure until I saw it on the wall that I'd like it.
(17) With about a month to go before the spouse's return, I finally think that it is possible (although not certain) that I'll be finished with this project prior to said return.

Probably a zillion more things I've not though of, but this is enough for now.
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