mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Unbelievable amounts of spam

I started keeping spam statistics (yeah, I'm a stats geek) because it felt like 1/3 to 1/2 of my e-mail was spam -- and indeed it was. (Sometimes even more than 1/2.) One day (granted after a vacation) when I arrived I had 529 pieces of spam out of 1085 emails total. (The Outlook filters had found and identified as spam 465 of these, plus 8 items that were not spam.)

Other days it was 184 spam / 305 mail total. 126/224. 28/50. 20/44.

On 3/26 it was 71/180.

Then the next day it was 2/27. What? Does no-one love me any more? 3/25. 3/41. 6/33. After a weekend 19/91, 5/36, 4/32, 2/26, 2/34.
Another weekend: 12/82, 3/31, 5/32.

Then today there was ONE item in my spam folder. And it was a false positive. I was beginning to worry until I got a real item of spam just now. They're doing a coffee survey and want to give me $500 in Starbucks drinks.

Of course my yahoo account is really accumulating it. Do you think I should go for 6 extra inches or only 3?
Tags: stats

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