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pink fish = green vegetables? 
5th-Apr-2007 08:57 am
We had bagels today -- rather than a birthday, they're celebrating a staff departure.

There was less cream cheese than usual -- a mostly-gone plain, and a pastel pink, which I investigated and discovered to be strawberry. So I didn't take the "anything" bagel, opting instead for the one that I though would play nicest with fruit. Cut my bagel. THEN I saw the one that read 'salmon'. Ooooh. Went to the kitchen for a knife. Came back, opened the tub, and was rather taken aback. White cream cheese with large green things in it. I looked at the side of the tub. "Bacon and scallion". All right then! I couldn't figure out how I had misread "scallion" for "salmon" until I put the lid back on. The lid had a large pink fish on it and the word "salmon". Some other bright person whom I work with ... um ... was "reading" too quickly.
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