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Busy but largely unproductive weekend 
19th-Mar-2007 03:56 pm

Friday I can hardly remember. Before leaving work I bought our tickets for the vacation we're planing in a few months. I processed snail-mail. I got a package ready to mail. Scoped the open hours for the PO on Saturday. Watched a concert while skiing. And started to back up my computer. I'm still using MS Backup, and I have to manually break up my HD into n-byte-sized chunks. (Well, I think it used to be 2Gig chunks, but now it seems to be 4.) When I was backing it up over the network, it could take HOURS to do the backup and the compare for each chunk -- which is why it's been a year since I've done a backup. Now I have a large HD sitting on my desk, connected by USB, and even a nearly-4-Gig chunk doesn't take more than 20 minutes to process. Also worked on finishing up a bracelet I'd started a while ago. Finished 19 or 20 chunks of my HD. then was too tired to focus, and crashed.

Saturday I mailed my package & went out for "breakfast" (what do you call the first meal of a day when it is served after noon?) with a friend, and on to Lowes to use the $10.00 gift card I had. Bought something I needed for the bathroom project, but it turned into way more time than I'd expected/budgeted. Ran by the co-op. Had wanted some advice on some of the cutting still to be done in the back yard, but the friend ended up helping cut & haul some of the already cut stuff. Unfortunately, while not yet "Spring", it really was too warm, and my maples are bleeding. So we didn't trim "my" tree. Then went off to get something to cook for dinner, and that turned into another shopping trip that took way longer than I'd expected/budgeted. Finished the backup of my computer (3 more chunks). Learned something I'd not known about the way memory foam is transported/sold. Discovered that the ring I had thought was NOT a split ring was actually split, so I'm going to need to perform surgery on the bracelet. I reattached the split ring where it had been, squeezed it together hard, squished it, and within seconds it fell off again. Forgot I'd wanted to go by Radio Shack. Watched an interview while skiing.

Sunday I was supporting an upgrade at work, so until mid-late afternoon I was on and off of the computer. Looked at some LJ for the first time this weekend -- caught up to Saturday morning. Then I drove the friend who'd been borrowing my car home, dined while watching the 2-hour premier of Blood Ties, and got home so late that I couldn't finish skiing today. Remembered that I need to pack for FKO SOON.

Monday I'd been at work for a while when Outlook reminded me that I had a doctor's appointment. Left for that. Learned that 1/3 of the MMR that I'd gotten (I'll swear I've gotten that once or twice) had not worked. Learned about my cholesterol. (Overall High. But my "good" cholesterol is super high, so that counteracts the fact that my "bad" cholesterol is borderline high.) Learned that my doctor is leaving. Learned that the doctor who told me back in '81 that I could get Polio from the injection was not right. Was sent to immunization, where they gave me both an MMR and the first step of the Polio vaccine.

Learned that I am very unlikely to die from the Polio vaccine. (But that if I do develop severe reactions, that it should be within an hour or two, and since it's been about an hour and a half, I'm probably pretty safe.)

Just got into lj, and had to skip=120 in order to see the last item I'd read.
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