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Another addition to my family 
13th-Mar-2007 02:02 pm
A coworker was having a not-good day, and as I was standing there, before I could stop him, he grabbed one of his plants (a spider that I'll grant you was not looking all that great) and threw it into the trash. I vocalized and reached in after it. Since this was the first addition to a clean trash bag today, I also scooped as much of the ... er ... clean dirt as I could. I'll do my best with it. Poor thing.

The I-don't-know-what I took from near a dumpster a few years ago did not survive, nor did the broken-off bit from a poinsettia, but the christmas cactus that I found in a trash can at work (it was probably a secret santa gift) 1.25 years ago has bloomed for me twice since then.
14th-Mar-2007 12:33 am (UTC)
Did you ever hear of my MSen Norfolk Pine?
When I started working there (in the midst of shitstorm) it was almost completely brown. I was going to toss it, but then I noticed it had just a few green needles. I mean really, like 3 of them or something.

So I figured, what the heck? I watered it every day.

It came back!
When I moved I took it with me.
It never looked awesome because so much of the lower trunk was bare but the top kept growing.

I finally, with regret, threw it out because to be honest it just didn't really look great and it took up a fair bit of room in our very small duplex. But I had it for years. I even had it while we were on the road because my Mom kept it for me. :-)
14th-Mar-2007 03:59 am (UTC) - comment
Plants have been giving me trouble lately. Have been trying to grow ivy in water for months and it doesn't root. That's usually the easiest thing to grow, so I don't get it.
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