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Bathroom saga -- part II 
5th-Mar-2007 01:29 pm

Friday 2/16/2007
The fans having been installed on Monday, I figured it was about time for me to get the room painted. Went by Home Depot. Didn't really know what I wanted. The woman there helped me out a bit. I know we have various painting supplies at home, but I didn't want to count on being able to find them. (Ok, I found 2 sanding blocks, one of which I've probably had for 20 years.)

Bought the flavor of Killz2 that she recommended as a primer. We have versions of that at home, but I don't know if it's latex or not (and she had opinions as to which I wanted), nor how long it's been around, nor if it's been frozen, nor if it matters. Bought a kit with various sizes of brushes. Bought a paint kit with an edger, a roller-device, 2 paint rollers, and a tray. A Teflon coated tray -- just let the paint dry and peel it out. That just made me giggle. Looked more closely, and noticed that it claims that the rollers are teflon coated too. This I've got to see!

I have ... eruptions of paint in various places, and lacking guidance on what to do, I bought some steel wool (and gloves) which I figured I'd use to get the grinding down started and some fine sandpaper for the finishing touch. Bought some blue tape.

Also bought some grout (and an applicator) for patching the holes in the floor between tiles.

I'm thinking of painting something other than "one of those impossible to match off-white colors" like what we have now. She asked me like what, and I thought maybe something purple, so she had me take a purple color-guide thingy home. Found a lot of colors I liked in there. (Of course I'm teasing the spouse that I'm going to paint it black. One unhelpful friend suggested that once I did that I should replace the toilet with a red one. I figure maybe, but it would have to glow in the dark.)

I got nothing much done after getting home on Friday. Spent much of the day staring at the terminal not able to focus, and did no work.

Saturday 2/17/2007

Saturday morning I was going to change my oil, but chickened out. Got very little done (I was awake before noon -- what more can anyone ask!) before I drove out to help a friend move. (This dovetails with my tooth saga -- my crown from the end of December was HURTING on and off, and I noticed that after doing hard, aerobic, work, it didn't hurt for a while.) After that, I did some courier duty (both helping with getting the moving truck dropped off, and then getting a friend with car troubles to the party that had been going on for several hours at that point.) Between weather and my exhaustion, I decided to just loan the friend my car, leaving me driving the spouse's car, so I would drive for 20 minutes and he an hour rather than me driving for and hour and 45.

Sunday 2/18/2007

What a day. I was going to shovel the walk, but never got to it. For that matter, I think I was going to take a shower too. Breakfast happened after noon. Then a friend and I browsed Lowes. Bought me a couple new tools. Including a doohickey-gadget-thing that can be used for scraping my eruptions off more efficiently than with sandpaper (and it cleans rollers and opens paint cans too) and a whatzit that I can lock into my drill and mix my paint. Then I asked for help getting one of my "not telling the spouse about it" projects working. I'd bought the parts, but knew I lacked the skills to install them. After installing the difficult part, we put the easy part together and discovered that the system didn't work. Testing it was VERY difficult and time consuming, but we figured out that the techie part of the system seemed to be working, but the far-lower-tech portion was just ... wrong. Grumble. I need to find the receipt and bring it back to the place (30 miles away) I bought it (while they're open) and hope they can trade me for a lower-tech piece that might fit the way it's supposed to. Bought the friend dinner and sent him on his way.

Monday 2/19/2007

After work I unbolted the behind-and-over-the-toilet shelves from the wall, figuring it'll be MUCH easier to paint with them gone. I've now filled the bedroom all the way to the door to the bathroom with stuff out of the bathroom Putting items into the laundry container is a logic puzzle. Moving these shelves, which are light, but awkward, was a challenge, but I persevered. But that mostly filled my after-work day.

Tuesday 2/20/2007

Tuesday is my get-home-at-midnight day -- and actually I was home by 10:30 or so -- but between making something to eat and skiing and remembering that I needed to pay the mortgage and put the car insurance forms into the cars (including the one the friend is borrowing) the day disappeared.

Wednesday 2/21/2007

Stopped off at Salvation Army on the way home. Bought 2 sheets that I will use as drop cloths in the bathroom. Then a friend who had cringed, kindly but mightily, at the notion of me painting that bathroom purple, offered to escort me to & through Home Depot. We picked up some not-purple color cards, measured the bathroom, and on Friday I should go by HD and pick up the paint he recommended. 3 different colors. Also, he showed me the handles that can be used on things (like my roller and edger) and I'll probably pick up one of them too.

Before bed, I started blue-taping. Taped the doors about half-way. (the last painter painted over the hinges, and I think that looks dumb.) Taped around the medicine cabinet. Removed the one towel hook. (yes, someone carelessly painted that last time.) Unscrewed one of the hooks in the ceiling that we just don't use. I don't know what it was connected to, but the post went through a huge hole. That'll be a fun patch job. Need to do that before thinking about sanding. And the other one. But then it was nearly midnight, and I had sleep to think about.

Thursday 2/22/2007

Today is, like last week was supposed to be, the first day of my Japanese II class. I don't expect to be able to do much after I get home & ski. Perhaps I'll grow a brain and run by HD tonight and not need to do that after work tomorrow?

Nope -- got out of class and was exhausted, so I went home. scrubbed some of the join between tile and wall, taped the mirror. Removed the other screw-hook. My spackle is getting rather old, and didn't want to be used to patch my 2 great holes in the ceiling, so I added some water and started the patch job. For as long as I've been working I've gotten pathetically little accomplished.

Friday 2/23/2007

Bought paint today. Due to a ... miscommunication ... based on an English homophone I bought more paint than I wanted to. (The kid told me there was a sale on if I got two gallons, so I bought 2 gallons (in 2 different colors) rather than a gallon and a quart -- but he
thought I was buying something I'd never considered buying that came in 2 gallon containers.) Whatever. I grumped a little bit at the check-out line when I learned that there was not a sale on what I was buying, and they found a way to give me a discount.

Back home, I do a little bit more taping, I apply more spackle to the huge holes I left in the ceiling when I removed the hooks. It now feels smooth, but doesn't look it, so I will probably apply one more coat. Worst case I just sand off what I apply.

I also bring up the vacuum cleaner to help with cleaning the *whatever* has been collecting behind and under things for the last up-to-ten years.

Saturday 2/24/2007

I'm feeling particularly grumpy today. I've been working on this as solidly as I can while continuing "real life" for most of a month, and it's not yet painted, not yet primed, not yet sanded, not yet taped, for that matter, I've not yet managed to finish taking all the stuff (towel racks, etc.) off of the wall. And it's only a frigging 9 X 10 room. I shudder to think if I were going to be attempting the whole house.

Today I couldn't really devote myself to working on the bathroom (although I did some) because I've received the item in the mail that indicates I can start on my taxes. Start I did. And as always hit snags as I realized I didn't get a statement from this or that bank, so I had to find my statements and figure out the amounts. Also got very grumpy as I (re?) learned some things that either I had never known or had completely forgotten relating to the state of our house network. I am so very lucky that while the spouse has been deployed, there is still access to internet, and time to do so. I got several explanations.

21:00 or so, I had really reached diminishing returns (can you say brain-fried?) so when a friend commented that they'd not yet eaten, and probably not expecting me to take them up on it, invited me over for food, I thought about it, and decided that food was good. It's probably unlikely that I'd have made any significant progress on either the bathroom or the taxes anyhow.

Sunday 2/25/2007

Grumpiness continues. I ran out in the early afternoon to go to the hardware store where I'd bought the item that sucked down so much of last weekend, and was overjoyed when they let me trade in the low-tech and not-working part of the system (although it seemed to work on their end, they agreed that it wasn't quite right) without trading in the whole thing -- I was pretty sure that the high-tech part that I had worked, and some parts were already installed, so I really didn't want to take them down.

Then I went by a "memorial giveaway" -- I have way too much stuff and I know it, but since a friend is trying to give to friends some of his mother's things in order to cut down on the stuff he'll need to move or give to strangers, I went by there. More to help the friend out than to be mercenary. Actually did take a few things. 3 glasses, 2 books and some jewelry. There was one large portrait of his mother when she was much younger that I quite liked, but I really don't have a place to put it, and that's not the sort of thing that should be taken to be put in a box IMO.

Then back home. I decided not to attack the frozen drizzle-sludge on the driveway. It's rough now -- with luck it'll stay that way until it ALL melts. But I did install the newly exchanged part, and it seems to be working fine. Woo Hoo! Much more conversation with the spouse, who it turns out will need to get me much information that only came in electronic form, without which I'm somewhat stuck. I would really rather let Turbo Tax walk me though from point A to point B rather than me having to remember I need to *somehow* go back to fill in this extra stuff... Minimal work on the bathroom. I just don't know how "normal" people do it.

When the spouse left, I rejoiced in the temporary gain of a horizontal surface in the form of the 2/3 of the bed that I don't need to use. Well now, I want the rest of the bed back. And I want all the rest of the room into which I've shoved all the stuff from the bathroom. That's the problem with using (and needing to use) space efficiently -- you can shove a whole lot of stuff into an area -- but when that area is disrupted, it just doesn't fit anywhere else quite so well. And since all other space is being utilized, there's nowhere else that is reasonable to put it.

Monday 2/26/2007

Just exhausted today. Got some work done on the comic catalog. Nothing done on the APA. And very little done on the bathroom.

I'm still trying to figure out how the body of the fan that the electrician installed comes off -- wondering if I should paint the ceiling that's underneath it. It's partially visible, so I probably should, but I can't get there now.

Tuesday 2/27/2007

Even more exhausted today. Laying in bed I was trying to figure out what day it was, and I finally decided it was Monday. This is my "get home at midnight" day, so nothing got done.

Sunday 3/4/2007

Busy week. Nothing done between Tuesday and today.

I'm not qualified (I don't trust myself to not kill myself) on the chainsaw. Last summer I figured out why I _hate_ mowing the lawn -- I really hate having to fight all the darned branches that want to attack me. The spouse keeps talking about some of our maples (about 7 planted in a 4-foot circle or so) needing to come out but we've never done anything about it. (Ok -- I also hate the way the cottonwood sheds, but I don't have any solution for that.) Last summer I realized -- I'm a human -- I have opposable thumbs -- I can bloody CUT the lower limbs so that I can walk under them unopposed. (Ok, my beloved baby tree that I hand-raised from a seedling I'll only take a few feet of limbs off of -- but the others I can/should lop off to 8 feet or so above the ground. I mentioned this to the spouse, who, as I recall, agreed that we'd do it in November, or maybe December. Don't insult me by asking me if I believed that.

Anyhow, the year has kind of gotten away from me. I want to get this done in the winter, and since I have NO free weekends between now and the end of March, when today popped up free, I contacted a local friend who helped me lop limbs that were scraping the house a few years ago. He wasn't free today, but volunteered for next Sunday. Then a good friend showed up on my doorstep wielding a monstrous pair of Fiskars. (Ok, a lopper & saw on the end of an up-to-15' pole.) Unfortunately, I seem to be too weak and ineffective to actually use the lopping portion of them, and also unfortunately it was too dark outside for me to get him to chop down everything withing reach, but there IS a saw-attachment, and even though it'll take me a long while to remove limbs (from the tree), even I should be capable of using this tool without risking life and limb (mine). And there is the possibility that I'll get home before dark 2 or 3 days this week, so I just might be able to make progress on the trees. And the evil monstrous tree-weed that is blocking the garage door. So I might not need to call in a favor I'm not owed from the local friend.

Made progress on the taxes, and am awaiting response from the spouse regarding a question related to his employment.

I've not started on my APA submission, but I've read at least some of last APA...

I processed the stack of back-mail that had accumulated in the laundry basket. Guess I'll need (be able) to do laundry this week.

I did the grout-repair in the bathroom. Including re-attaching a tile that had lost all surrounding grout. Guess I'm glad I bought the grout & adhesive flavor.

5th-Mar-2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
I'm exhausted just reading this!
5th-Mar-2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
What she said.
6th-Mar-2007 12:25 pm (UTC)
I work in a hardware store, and it amazes me that people buy the things they do to do the projects they say they plan to do... and actually get them done. I would still be staring at the untouched bathroom wondering when I would have the energy to get started. You go, girl!
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