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Must be getting old

Yesterday was a busy day. At work until late, because it doesn't make sense to go home before class. Class (Japanese 2, WCC, not for credit) until 9-something. Then over to a friends house to get instructions on what I'll be doing over the weekend. (Very odd. Seems a key I've had for over 20 years that USED to work not only doesn't work any more, but is very different from the current key... but it seems the locks weren't replaced.) Delay there -- finally leaving about 10.

Home. Spent some perfectionist time cleaning bits of the bathroom wall that I just noticed were dirty.

Then I tried to repair the belt-clip for my phone. it had popped into 5 distinct oddly shaped parts earlier in the day. Cool -- I like a puzzle. I figured out mostly how it went together. I couldn't figure out the final step of getting the 2 parts together though. Then I noticed that one side of the one part had broken, so it wouldn't stay anyhow. Probably a good thing, since as I was trying to put it together in the hopes that it would mostly-hang, but not knowing how to do it, I damaged the other side. Ok, now it really won't stay together.

When I ski, when the spouse is not around to read, I'll often watch a DVD or a VHS. I had Aladdin in the VCR. I'd had some problems getting it started last time -- the tape was a little crumply, and when I hit play, it would try, and then it would not only stop playing, but it would turn off the VCR. I finally hit upon turning it on, hitting fast-forward really fast, and then hitting play, and I got to watch about 15 minutes of the movie. Of course that was after watching about 15 minutes of some CSI thing (I didn't want HER to be guilty!!! *shudder* there's a reason other than commercials that I don't watch TV -- I'd just get sucked in!) ANYHOW, last night I fiddled with it -- although it had been playing just fine when I turned it off last time, it was back to shutting off this time. So I grumbled and went back to flipping through the tv channels as I skied. I don't think I have ANY chance of getting sucked into watching Cheaters, but it was better than the commercials and the sitcoms on the other channels. I think.

Finally finished. Nearly midnight. Just couldn't leave the VCR alone -- I don't want to have this problem again. Wondered if it was a tracking problem -- I discovered that I had, while aiming at another key hit one of the tracking buttons. How to tell? Passed midnight. I tried everything. But it wouldn't even stay fast-forward or fast-reverse more than 5 or 6 seconds before it just turned the entire VCR off. I got a different tape (one that wasn't crinkly at the start). IT had the same symptoms. Oh great. But I didn't give up. Fastforwarded and fast reversed it -- meanwhile running Aladdin through the automatic tape rewinder doohickey I own -- forward and then back -- and then suddenly the sound and then the picture appeared for the other tape. I tried Aladdin. It was working again. Now to hope that it'll work tonight!

It was after 1 when I finished. Too tired to bathe, so I huddled shivering under the blanket until I woke up and was able to think. Brushed my teeth, took my bath and hit the hay about 3am.

March is nuts. Every single weekend I have at least one thing going on. There are 9 11 things on the list that I jotted down at work of the "stuff I gotta do today" -- and that's not counting the 5 6 that I actually have finished.

Oh, and my comment from lunch today is that white shirts and tomato sauce SHOULDN'T mix...

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