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The F-I-L (who arrived on Friday) left today. I got up about 8am so we could go out for breakfast and still get him to his plane on time. The spouse slept a bit longer -- not long -- we were at the restaurant by 9am. We got back about 10, and when the F-I-L called (at about 11) to say he was at the gate, I realized that the spouse had gone back to bed. That would probably be a smart idea for me too -- I am perpetually sleep deprived, but the amount of work to do around the house is prohibitive.

Oh, and before I forget, here's more of the trip.

Tuesday, 8/22/2006

We left Farmington, NM with trip B reading about 2000.

We were aiming to get to the Four Corners monument as early as possible. The hotel said they opened some time after 9, so we didn't rush as much as otherwise. When we got there (8:07) we discovered that they actually opened closer to 7:30.

Paid our minimal amount to get in, wandered, photographed, looked at the vendor booths, and left, nearly a half hour later, aiming at Bryce. (While I'd been to Utah before, I'd not been there.) We got to Bryce at 16:30 Eastern, or 2:30 PM local, and drove around for several hours. (We took the free shuttle bus that toured the Northern section of the park. We didn't do as much walking of the trails as we might have done had it not been raining.)

We ate at a restaurant that seemed to have 3 different names -- That on the sign, that on the building, and that on the menu. The one that made the credit card was "Fosters Steak House." Good little restaurant. Our waiter had never waited tables there before -- but it was owned by his girlfriend's family and they were short-staffed that day. He made his share of mistakes, but nothing terrible, and he took our good natured informing him of them quite well.

We'd been told that staying in Las Vegas would be a good idea because the hotels are quite cheap there. (They expect to make their money by us gambling.) We stopped in North Las Vegas. The Hotel that the spouse went into to check on rooms had 2 options. The first one was $106 for a Smoking (NOT an option) King room, or $169 for a Non-Smoking Jacuzzi suite.

We drove on. Just as well -- we made it through the busy part of Las Vegas with the roads that were under construction while the traffic was quite light. We stopped in Jean, NV at a casino, and spent well under $50 for a fairly nice room.

Wednesday, 8/23/2006

When we left "Nevada Landing" casino this morning, the Trip B read 2675.

Many years ago -- actually on the day I first met my spouse, I ate at Burger King for breakfast. Got one of their breakfast Croissants. It was reminding me of its presence all the way from Ann Arbor to Nashville, and in the 13 years since then I have never once considered eating at Burger King for breakfast again. However, that was the one place that did not seem to be a steakhouse inside a casino in Jean. Ok, it was inside the Casino (across the street from where we stayed) but it was a known quantity. I actually ordered one of their croissant things, and suffered no ill effects. Wow! Another long-standing bias bites the dust!

We made it to California at 11:19 Eastern Time, so 8:19 local. Within then next hour, about mile 130, we discovered an exit for ZZYZX Road.

By 1pm local we'd found our room and checked into the hotel.

The hotel we'd stayed at last time was no longer there, but a similarly inexpensive, similarly close hotel was available. It wasn't quite as accommodating, not quite as large, no kitchenette, as the one from 1996, but it sufficed.

Unfortunately, while wireless internet was available, it cost $10.00 per day. I wasn't willing to spend that. (And since I didn't, I didn't know that the next tournament on IYT (www.itsyourturn.com -- a turn-based game server) had started, and I (had already) timed out on all games, thus losing them.)

While wandering the dealer's room today, I saw a very familiar looking woman. I took a sly glance at her badge, and it indeed was the person I thought it was: Janis Ian. I had no reason to expect she'd remember me, and she was quite occupied with the dealer with whom she was conversing, so I let her be.

We also saw a couple dozen other people we knew, and most of them we talked to.

Trip B was 2918 on our arrival.

I got to show off my GPS to some friends we went to dinner with -- There was a not-too-far-away outdoor mall-like thing -- with a theater and many places to eat, and we finally all found one we could agree upon.

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