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Comfortably Numb 
19th-Feb-2007 12:21 pm
Called last night, hoping that the dentist would be able to fit me in today. I was still hurting on and off, but it was getting to be more on than off. Apparently they had room for one person, and picked me. Wahoo. One Root Canal later... They numbed up the left side of my face pretty well -- I am only now starting to get feeling back in my right nostril. And the crown they did in late December didn't survive the operation, so I'll be back in in a month and a half for another crown. *sigh* The x-rays look good. Hopefully the operation was successful in other ways and when the novocaine wears off I won't hurt. I got the assistant who was still a student, and she wasn't as... finished as most of the people there, but that is understandable, and she wasn't terrible. And now I get to find out whether or not I'll react to amoxycillin. I need to take that twice a day for a week.
19th-Feb-2007 09:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Fortunately it was my first exposure to the drug, so I was still having one of the mild reactions (apparently the allergic reaction it it tends to intensify with each subsequent exposure; this is why my Dad is at the "swells up and goes to the hospital" stage and I was at the "throwing up" stage.) But I proved my Mom still loved me by the fact that she cleaned up after me.

(All of my wisdom teeth were removed. So my entire face was numb. The first thing I could get down was red Jello. And then I took the penecillin. And then the red Jello came up...all over the bathroom. (I *almost* made it.)

Hmm, this is probably over-sharing. But hopefully it makes you laugh!

(On the other hand, the painkillers were Really Good Drugs, and I wrote a really interesting paper while under them. So if I ever have grad students, my advice to them will be: Don't submit a prelim answer you wrote under good drugs. Because while you may have been right, and the examiners may indeed have misunderstood their own question, it is only while under drugs that you think pointing this out is a good idea. *grin*)
19th-Feb-2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
I guess I'll be okay. No nausea, despite the fact that I decided about 2 that I just had to eat and consumed the spaghetti I'd brought in. My coworker's son got hives from amoxycillin, and although I have a history of dermal problems, I see no signs of that yet.

It was your final, parenthetical, paragraph that _really_ made me laugh, though -- T3s didn't do much for me -- the first one knocked me out, but after that I'd wait 4 hours to take another to help with the pain for about half an hour. But I've heard stories of (academic) things that have been done while experiencing Good Drugs.

I'm still a little numb, and have indication that my gums will be sore, and my temporary filling is a bit rough -- but gosh -- I can cope with those problems.
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