mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Comfortably Numb

Called last night, hoping that the dentist would be able to fit me in today. I was still hurting on and off, but it was getting to be more on than off. Apparently they had room for one person, and picked me. Wahoo. One Root Canal later... They numbed up the left side of my face pretty well -- I am only now starting to get feeling back in my right nostril. And the crown they did in late December didn't survive the operation, so I'll be back in in a month and a half for another crown. *sigh* The x-rays look good. Hopefully the operation was successful in other ways and when the novocaine wears off I won't hurt. I got the assistant who was still a student, and she wasn't as... finished as most of the people there, but that is understandable, and she wasn't terrible. And now I get to find out whether or not I'll react to amoxycillin. I need to take that twice a day for a week.

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