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My oil was a quart down and it had been 3 months since I'd changed it, so I figured I'd change my oil this morning. (I do it myself.) I brought my grungy-coat inside to warm, ditto 4 quarts. Found my oil-changing clothes and set them where they'd remind me when I got up in the morning. Got up, dressed in grungies, was disgusted that although the heat had been on for a while inside, the temperature was barely over 60, went out and started to run the car to warm the engine & wrote the information into my car book. Realized that it had only been 4000 miles since my last change, and even wearing coat and all inside the car, I was COLD. So I added the quart and have come in to shower and prepare for the day having NOT changed my oil. Hopefully when I get another quart down or thousand miles, whichever comes first, I will have a morning to dedicate to this, and the temperature will be more civilized.

Regarding my tooth, the adjustment my dentist did helped a lot, and I've had several pain-free minutes since then (and I sleep just fine) but the waves of pain seem to be spiking higher than they had before, so I will likely be getting that dreaded root canal. I wimped out and called him on Friday, but although it was before 4pm, the office was closed, so I expect I'll be calling on Monday. (I'm not willing to call this an emergency, and I have plans for the weekend.)

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