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12th-Feb-2007 06:32 pm
A month & a half or so ago I got a crown. A bit over a week ago, with the VERY cold weather we got, my jaw started aching. The entire left side, both the bottom and clear up to my eye-socket hurt. And if I ate something as hard as a cracker, the right side hurt too.

Usually when I wake up (I wear a bite splint) I feel fine, but after not very long, I ache, hurt, or otherwise want to bite someone's face off. "Low" level of pain does little for my disposition. It's an ache most of the time, but it's VERY sensitive to both hot and cold.

Went in to the dentist today. He made time for me, and made a few adjustments to the crown he'd just put in (&/or one he'd done 2.5 years before that mated with the new one), but told me to call him back at the end of the week so we could decide if I needed a root canal. He said that with as sensitive as I am, he's leaning toward me needing one.

But, power of suggestion perhaps, I don't hurt nearly as much now, and as I was leaving the office, I realized that I was actually *hungry*.

Fingers, toes, & eyes crossed that all I need is the adjustment he's already performed.
13th-Feb-2007 12:21 am (UTC)
Hope the adjustment works out so you won't need anything else done!
13th-Feb-2007 05:05 pm (UTC)
poor sweetie! hope you feel better soon!
13th-Feb-2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks. The jury is still out, but I feel much better today than I have recently.
14th-Feb-2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
Hope the tooth feels better soon!

KAZAM (gently)! You've just been Valentined by an officially deputized Valentine Faerie. :-)

And here's some Homemade Virtual Valentine's chocolate for you:
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