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Books & Movies 
7th-Feb-2007 08:38 pm
The books are lagging. I've still only finished the one that the spouse & I read to each other while exercising before the deployment. (Strange Robby) Working on others, but I've yet to complete any of them.

The movies I've watched while skiing by myself though now total 3. I think I mentioned Fern Gully (VHS) but since then I've finished The Fugitive (DVD) and Queen Margot (VHS).

That last was quite interesting. Way too much blood and violence for my taste, but I couldn't look away because I don't have the French and it was subtitled. (Besides, there was that occasional full (male) frontal nudity. Yes, it really was French!) Also, it took me most of the movie before I could distinguish the men and the women (not from each other, but from the others of their own sex). I found it a fascinating story, though if I'd better understood the politics it would have made more sense. I didn't understand enough of it to know what the motives were at the end when the one woman said "no, I'll stay". And I found it difficult to keep the names separate, so when "Henri" is referred to, is that this person or someone else I've forgotten. I don't have the history to know if the one king was just completely inbred, or if there was something else going on with him. And at the end, when the words described what was to come, and mentioned the divorce, I wondered "She was Catholic -- how did she take that -- but he wasn't, and she'd not wanted to get married in the first place -- Was he the King then, or did I misunderstand that he became king? If so, by what right -- wasn't it her blood? So when did he divorce her?"

Ah well. I'll likely not remember my fascination long enough to research it. Hopefully I'll remember enough of it so that the next time I see the movie it will make more sense.

Also, I've seen one movie "out". Went to the IMAX and saw "Happy Feet".
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