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I need at least 3 of me, and probably 50 hours in a day. Oh yeah,… 
10th-Jan-2007 03:58 pm
I need at least 3 of me, and probably 50 hours in a day.

Oh yeah, and to not need to sleep.

Another proposed road trip and to-do list:

I dropped the spouse off at the AFB on Sunday on the way back from GaFilk. It was early, but since the actually must-be-there date conflicted with a planned class out-of-state, we figured it made sense.

Then that class was canceled and I'm going to another one the following week.

Then the spouse called. Seems that for the first time in memory (mine, anyhow, for what that's worth) the AF will not be transporting its folks to the airport -- so the suggestion was made that I drive down some day this week, crash, and on my way home drop the spouse & gear off at the airport.

Ok, that makes ... some kind of sense.

+ Would be good to get together.
+ ... and it's going to be a while.
+ I could bring out some forgotten items
+ I could bring back some items that will not be needed and save the postage.
+ I have a weekend coming up that I can use to catch up.
+ It's a puzzle; I specialize in figuring out how those fit together.


- That's on the order of 7 hours driving (both ways 3.5 each way), and I'm more sleep deprived than usual. And it might be winter.
- I'd need to take a(nother) day off of work.
- ... and I really need to do a bunch of reading related to the class I'll be taking
- I really expect that the AF will come to some kind of sense and some other transportation will be arranged, and I'll be more in the way than useful. (I'm wrong -- but other plans have been made which involve the spouse checking in for the flight before I wake up for work.)
- Yeah, I have a weekend to catch up, but it's only one weekend, followed by a week and a con gone.

-- and my to-do list is growing:

Still to do from last list:
- Process 2006 Inventory for my company
- Put together my comic book order for 7 days ago -- I think today was the date I "needed" to turn it in and I've not started. I'll see if I can do it tonight and drive it by mid-day tomorrow. Wonder if I should blow off going by there until then...

Forgot to put on last list or have since added:
- Archive another month of mail at work -- I'm out of room and Outlook will soon prevent sending more.
- Make (and keep) optometrist appointment for January (1/24)
- Make Ziebart appointment for January? (On hold for now)
- Make (and keep) annual medical checkup appointment for January (1/22)
- Make trip by Home Depot having first gathered certain information.
- Register for next Japanese class at WCC
- ... Oh yeah -- and finish creating flash-cards to help with learning the Hiragana I "learned" last class. (I tried to find a ready-made set at Borders, but couldn't, so I guess I'll do it myself.)
- Pack for Georgia next week.
- Pack for ConFusion -- where I'll go on the way home from the airport, right after Georgia.
- Get by the post office to put mail on hold at the house for next week. (The PO can coast.)
- Put my finances together and "close" December. (This means I can write the check to joint and start carrying my January Day-Timer rather than making tiny notes at the end of December.)
- Process the snail-mail I've received this year, none of which I've opened with the exception of xmas cards.
- figure out if I need to bug the bank for copies of my checks -- ConFusion (which I'll drove to after dropping my co-worker also going to Georgia off) didn't have record of my first one when I wrote the 2nd.
- remove from my fanny pack and put *somewhere* the stuff the spouse gave me to bring home.
- While I'm dreaming, catch up on the Comics/News/Journals I fell behind on in November of 2003. (Yes, lj is helping. I quickly discovered Debbie's journal, and I just found the apod feed -- so those are 2 things that I will more easily be able to catch up -- or at least won't fall further behind -- on!)

And I'm not even adding the perpetual things or those I've already been working on for years.

You know, I really really don't understand people who can go out frequently, watch TV, or get sufficient sleep. Let alone 2 out of 3. Or survive with kids.

Books, klutzing, junk, & Stuff:

I don't read anywhere near as much as I'd like to -- part of that is busy-ness. But since I spend time with my STD (ski torture device, a.k.a. Nordic Track) every night that I'm home, and the spouse & I had discovered reading to each other (we read at different speeds, but frequently the same books), we started reading while the other is skiing. For any number of reasons, we didn't finish the last book that we'd been reading before GaFilk. So we brought it with, and on the road to the airport on Friday last, we finished Strange Robby by Selina Rosen. (Guess that's my book #1 for the year. I don't anticipate making 10.) I enjoy her writing style, but, as with other books by that publisher, I was distracted by the number of spelling and grammatical errors I found.

My klutziness continues. Last night I got in the way of a swinging jacket and while my eye doesn't show a bruise, it's still a bit tender. And this morning, while making coffee at work, I managed to jam my pinkie (the same one I've dinged twice recently) and didn't realize I was bleeding until I saw the rust stain on my note-pad. *sigh*

A flat surface! The boxes piled high in front of the closet kept falling over. They mostly contain the triaged mail from the last few years that didn't make the top cut that I've not had time to deal with. The top half of them are now piled on the "half" of the bed I'm not using.

I love the cherry cordial flavored Hershey's kisses I found at Sams and couldn't resist the other day.

So tired this morning that I forgot to put my watch on. Much staring is being done at that usually-hidden patch of skin.

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