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Dave Alway -- a death in the family 
10th-Jan-2007 01:14 pm
Dave was a fixture at many of the cons I attended, general and filk, for probably as many years as I've been attending them.

We never became close friends, but I have fond memories of --

- looking at centaur artwork he'd just bought.

- looking through his photographs. (I usually HATE pictures of myself. For years the only one I had liked was taken the year I turned 3. I only can think of one picture he took of me, at a ChamBanaCon, but I really liked it. And he kindly sought me out and gave me a copy.)

- "...I told you that one so I can tell you this one..."

- his glee at writing the cat bus stop song. (I think I met that song at FKO. He & I had both spent a lot of time in the filk lounge at ConFusion earlier that year, and some anime was being played (over and over) for the kids and I actually saw the cat bus, so I was less media-clueless than I usually am.)

I never made it out to a filk at his house, something I now deeply regret -- but I somehow always thought that one of these days it would be convenient.

As I was bustling around, trying to leave on the airport shuttle 15 minutes later than the one we'd originally planned on, I ran into him in the GaFilk corridor. We hugged, and joked about the fact that we'd hardly seen each other all weekend. I think these were the first words we shared over the weekend. I didn't know they'd be the last. I expected to see him at "the next con".

A kind man, a gentle man. Perhaps a friend to all. I never saw him angry, unkind, or rude.

Many others have written far more eloquently than I will ever be capable of.

Read his brother's post.

-- Then read it again.

Autographedcat's collection of tributes to Dave.
16th-Jan-2007 04:18 am (UTC)
Thank you for posting
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