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8th-Jan-2007 08:42 pm
GaFilk & other things I've been doing:

A short while ago, C. & I realized that GaFilk would be our last chance to do a con together for several months. But January is VERY busy. And I had a class I needed to attend in Chicago the following week -- that's just too busy... But then again, if I'm in Chicago, I'd not be able to drop C. off at WPAFB that week, so I'd need to be "on the road" that weekend anyhow, and we lit upon the thought of flying from Cincinnati to Georgia for GaFilk, and then driving from home via WPAFB on Sunday. Pretty tame as far as our driving plans can get.

We shuffled responsibilities at work so I could have that week to travel to Chicago... and then the class was canceled. (But I'll be going (back) to Georgia the following week.) But we already had non-refundable tickets, so we continued with the plan as it was. I don't usually wake up until after noon, so it was a good thing C. could drive all the way down to the airport. I like that airport. We dined at the Outback very near to our gate.

Once at the con I saw many of the "usual suspects" -- the people I go to these cons to hang out or touch base with. Also got to renew my acquaintance with one person (who was surprising his spouse by showing up), and meet several other folks (including one who shared the Most Amazing Chocolate with me)... We had a very yummy dinner at Barbecue Kitchen. I forced myself to stay up until midnight, but didn't last much beyond that on Friday.

On Saturday... as always, there was a lot of excellent music being made -- but I don't need to tell anyone who's heard of GaFilk that. (The day started at Waffle house, and a butterscotch waffle and a Vanilla-syruped diet coke.) There were also (as is not terribly uncommon) a few performances that I would probably have been happier to have missed, but universally, the ones that were not to my taste had their own fans, some quite vocal. (I don't expect to speak for everyone.) The highlights for me were the Summer & Fall concert and some jamming that was not part of an organized concert. Much of the S&F concert had me gaping in amazement. Bless them, they included a copy of the lyrics for their songs -- and when they were singing in French, German, or Russian, a translation. (As a bit of a purist, the only thing that would have improved the experience for me would have been if the Russian song had been in Russian using the Cyrillic alphabet, rather than an transcription (more a Germanicized than an Anglicized one, but still...) but I understood and agreed with their reasoning on providing it as they did.) This is not to say anything negative about the Technical Rearrangements concert (Linda & friends -- I don't think that name is one of the ones she used...) or the Urban Tapestry concert -- all were wonderful, as was the reading by the special guest (whom I'd not read anything by).

Since we were flying with only carry-on luggage, I had cut back on the crocheting I was bringing, and got pretty close to the end of the last skein I had before the end of the day.

At dinner I stuffed myself at Malone's. Very, very yum. Not inexpensive, but quite tasty.

About 10pm, I hit crash point, and went up to the room to nap. A bit after midnight I came back down, but didn't last until 1am. This "needing to sleep so blasted much" thing is for the birds.

Somewhere along the line, I asked when checkout was, and the desk told me 11am. I asked if I could extend it. They told me I needed to ask the day crew before 11am the following morning. Someone else told me that the hotel and the convention had negotiated a 1pm checkout. Indeed, that was in the program book. But in any case, before breakfast (2 of the 3 in another room, and just me representing the 3 in my room -- another Waffle House brekky) I stopped at the front desk, and got them to give me until noon, but they said that since a group was coming in on Sunday, they couldn't give me longer. The representatives from the other room brought a con representative over, and got them to give them until 1pm. We got our room keys re-keyed, as they would automatically lock un-re-set keys out at 11am. We got back from breakfast at about 11:40, and I went to wake the other 2 in my room up and herd them out. By then, the hotel had a sign posted that there had been an error made (by the convention, said the sign) and checkout really was at noon. We were checked out before noon. But I'll bet most of the con didn't know, and might not have been back from breakfast or even awake yet. The line was small. I think I'm glad I missed it when THAT hit the fan.

We'd planned to be on the airport shuttle at noon, but due to collecting payment for the room and saying goodbye to as many people as we could squeeze in, we didn't get there until the 12:15 shuttle. As we were driving to the airport, the driver said "that just happened!" -- he drives the route every half hour and half an hour ago the various cars off the highway, and the one sitting on its roof in the grass beyond the shoulder had not been there.

In the airport, we were going to the E concourse, and I saw a sign indicating that that was 5000 feet. So we walked (yeah, we could have taken the train) a mile within the airport getting to our gate.

From Cincinnati we drove back to the Fairborn area, got dinner (Fuddruckers), filled the tank, and parted. But first I had to establish, again, my "Worlds Greatest Klutz" credentials.

At the end of last week, I'd had a pinkie nail bugging me, and while skiing, I grabbed it and ripped it ... along with a lot more skin than I'd planned ... off. It's still somewhat tender. Meanwhile, back at the hotel room, the spouse was working on unloading the cart and I was "helping"... well, I think I saw something that would facilitate the process, and I think C. was using the "bigger hammer" technique, and somehow my hand got between a 50 pound bag and the metal of the cart. After my vision returned (have I mentioned recently that I have no tolerance for pain?) I was asked if I could move my fingers, and it took me a few minutes before I was even willing to try. Yes, this included the same pinkie that I'd damaged earlier. The ring finger has ... burns ... -- abrasion burns -- on both sides of the first knuckle joint. The middle finger I believe is bruised, and the index got off easily, with only a tiny abrasion. Yeah, I think I'm fine, but I'm still quite tender.

Then to drive home -- took over 3 hours but less than 3.5. Not bad. Got home about 11. Then I (with coordination efforts on the phone from the spouse) found an item that the spouse had forgotten and (figuring I could save miles and hours -- although it would be good to spend a bit more time together) I transmitted the pertinent information from said item. Skied, bathed, and crashed. A bit after 1am.

When the alarm started ringing, I was so out of it, I didn't even realize that it was the 6am alarm that was ringing. We'd turned that on in order to catch the flight in Cinci. Then after 6:54, I'd figured I'd need to get myself up because there'd be no more alarms, but at 7am my alarm started. Oh. Ok... Eventually I managed to crawl out of bed. The west side of the county had been hit by a "snow squall" and people had forgotten how to drive. By the 3rd time they announced the traffic, there were more accidents then they could enumerate. Had to pick up a package at the PO, so I was a touch late to work.

Things I yet need to do:
Started making a list, because I knew I'd forget to do these things if I didn't.
- Process the December order from my company
- Process 2006 Inventory for my company
- Put together my comic book order for 5 days ago.
- verify that I transmitted all information to the spouse
- Write a check to a musician who will mail me a CD on receipt
- Buy Half & Half on the way to work on Tuesday
- Bring some blank CDs from home so I can archive more stuff
- catch up on lj. (have gone from skipping 160 to skipping 80)
- make an lj entry.

9th-Jan-2007 11:42 am (UTC)
The hotel checkout mix-up was entirely our fault. It dropped out of the contract and we missed it. I hope no one was too aversely affected by it, and we've made sure that *next* year's contract (in the new hotel) has it explicitly defined as 1pm.
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