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I'm appreciated, but... 
12th-Sep-2006 05:54 pm
A bit bittersweet it is, but I just got a "spirit of excellence" award (as a member of a group, not a personal one) -- it had been delivered while I was on vacation.

The bittersweet part is that the person who nominated the group I was in for the award is one of those folks I liked well, one who, like me, isn't always trying to conform to the norm of his surroundings. And one about whom, a short while ago, we got a brief and ambiguous-in-its-actual-content "this person is no longer with us; we wish him well in his future endeavors" message.

The timing is especially curious, since today we got a second one of those messages about another person who fits my description from the previous paragraph. I occasionally fret a touch that those of us who aren't "normal" (and/or who don't play golf with the boss) are going to be weeded out.

No, I don't have any indication that this is going to happen to me, (and although I don't play golf, I get along well with my boss) but it has happened to perhaps a half dozen people in my direct environment in the last 4 years or so.

On a completely different front, I've been seeing numbers darn close to 2am the last few days.

I had hoped to get a lot done over the weekend.

-- Process on the milk crate overflowing with 2 weeks worth of mail I missed (triaged, so this is just the non-critical stuff) plus the stuff I'd received in the week since.

-- Finish putting my information from 8 bank accounts and about 4 credit cards into Quicken, and do what I need to "close the month" of August, and figure out how much of my paycheck (if any) I needed to write to "the house".

-- Oh yeah. And then there's the comic book catalog.

Didn't turn out that way. (How did you guess?) I got started on these items. And laundry, and mini-repairs, and all sorts of whatnot that got in my way and grabbed my attention. I also processed 7 of my "digests" for one of my mailing lists. I don't want to think about how many hours that took. Did a little bit of work on the snail-mail, and started on the Quicken, but didn't finish. 1:50 Monday morning I hit the hay. Monday evening these items were more critical, so I finished the accounting -- so I could make a deposit this morning -- and maybe write a check SOON. And started on the comic processing... but didn't finish. The clock read 1:57 Tuesday morning when I crawled in.

The catalog is higher priority now, as it needs to be turned in tomorrow, and today is my "get home way too late to be productive" day. (sigh)

(Just don't ask me what I think I'm doing by adding another time sink to my day by joining the lj world.)
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