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License plates -- change is stressful 
19th-Dec-2006 11:10 am
My car started its life with me as a lease, so the plate expires on January 1. I have a "vanity" plate for it. Starting January 1, 2007, Michigan is switching from white-on-blue to blue-on-white. When I renewed (on-line) this past year, the documentation seemed to be saying "To keep your old plate number, do nothing -- a new one will arrive". So, when I got my sticker, I did not put it on my plate, since as of when the sticker is valid, the plate will no longer be, right? I kept expecting the plates to show up, but they haven't. Today I called the Secretary Of State (luckily only had an 8 minute on-hold wait), and the woman (who did not identify herself, but who spoke very slowly) told me that I should (1) put the sticker on my old plate, and (2) after the first of the year go into a SOS office and ORDER A NEW VANITY PLATE. So does this mean that if someone else wants it and they're faster than I am, that they'll get it? *grumble* Going by the SOS is not usually a matter of "taking lunch" but of taking a half day off of work due to the lines.
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