mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Lessons Learned, 20140628

Lessons learned today:

Whichever way I turn onto Hines will turn out to be the wrong way, and if you don't know how the engineer planned things, it may be impossible to get OFF of Hines. (I figured out I was going the wrong way at Merriman. I finally figured out how to exit at Telegraph.)

While I couldn't run a half marathon to save my life, I can walk over 13.1 miles just doing my daily stuff, checking out a few war memorials, walking most of the river-walk in Windsor (twice, out & back), meandering around Greenfield Village, and then walking around the neighborhood & out to a nearby park with the spouse. (Up at 8:00 am, Home for good 22:00)

Wearing a hat won't keep your arms from burning

Just because you roll your socks down before you start the day doesn't mean your legs where the socks would have been clear up to nearly the knee won't develop a beastly heat-rash.

If you leave a partially-full-of-water straw-included adult sippy-cup in the car while you spend 3 hours walking around Windsor (starting just after noon), even if you put a reflective thingy in your front window, if you get back into the car and open it up in order to have a refreshing sip of water, you will instead unleash a hot geyser of water all over your face and shirt.

If, at 15:45, you realize simultaneously that you're somewhat hungry and that you have a Vanilla Cream filled doughnut which you bought at 9:00 this morning (which had been sitting in the same car as the sippy-cup) you should not count on the decorum inherent in the position of waiting for the border guard to finish with all the cars in front of you to keep said doughnut from, once you bite into it, squirting white liquid all over your face and shirt.

I think that's enough for one day.
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