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Good morning to you too! 
15th-Dec-2006 10:09 am
Drove by the Post Office this morning. Posted 2 packages and one bill and bought stamps. (Darn near cleaned my favorite Post Office worker out of "winter" stamps even though for once I didn't buy enough. We hand-deliver many envelopes to co-workers, and I took that into consideration this year.)

From there I drove to work. Down 5th. I usually get stopped by the light at Packard, but as I was cruising along it was green, still green, still green. I had just decided I was going to make it when I got close enough to see the crossing street. There were no cars stopped there. There was, however, a Ford (I forget the color--an ugly sea-green, I think) coming from the right at a rate of speed that led me to suspect that the driver was not going to stop at the light. Ever insecure, I checked. It was still green in my direction. I slowed. They blew through in front of me.

I laid on my silly little beepy horn, and suspect they never noticed. Luckily the cars behind me were enough on the ball to not nail me.

Also luckily, the "I'm freezing and I can't stop shaking" reaction didn't start until I was already at work.
15th-Dec-2006 05:27 pm (UTC)

I've always wanted to tell bad drivers that the Borden company has recalled the Cracker Jack Box in which they found their license...
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