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Nominal vegetables

Recently was reading about some "guacamole" that was only about 2% avocado. Okfine. I'm cynical enough that I figure that's about par for the standard American food market.

Recently I was wandering through Sam's Club, and could hardly tear myself away from the pasta aisle. I LOVE angel hair spaghetti. The fact that I have I-don't-know-how-many pounds of it at home eventually did prevent me from buying more.

But last night I decided I would open one more of those pasta "Meal of the Month" thingy-bobbers that I am not keeping on top of. Imagine my delight when the bizarro pasta that was included was a "spinach" (i.e. green) angel-hair pasta. Yummmmm! (I've never seen that before. It's REALLY wonderful!)

And then I looked at the sauce that was included.


Aiiiiii! But I have, twice I think in my life, had eggplant that I didn't have to fight to put away or keep away. Not counting baba however-it's-spelled, which I sometimes like, and sometimes hate, depending on whether it tastes more like hummus or eggplant. And it's not like I haven't already paid for it. And I'm not the sort to say "I don't like the look of that and I won't try it". I tried to get myself to agree to chuck it down the sink if I didn't like it, but never managed. (I am the product of someone who was the product of depression-era growing up, and I hate waste.) So I smelled it. Not bad. So I read the ingredients. *giggle* Yes, it did contain eggplant, but eggplant was the ingredient after "garlic". I'll be happy to eat anything labeled "eggplant" as long as it has no more eggplant in it than this sauce!
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