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Predestination; Tool Using Monkeys RULE 
22nd-Apr-2013 04:45 pm
time, clock
I sometimes think that some things are predestined. Perhaps not every aspect of every thing. But I think that today was a day that it was predestined that I be late for work.

I woke up with sufficient time to get to work perhaps a little bit early. Put my stuff in the car, went back for the item I was getting from Mariposa, put it in the car and hit the button for the garage door opener.

Horrible noises ensued.

OKFine -- I can handle this. I went to the front of the garage, pulled on the red handle, watched the peg come down, and grabbed the door and strained... to no avail. There was about an inch of play, so I played with it, holding the door at various heights as I pulled on the handle. At one point I swung from the handle a while, and the door opened. Hoorah! (Note, I think that this was, if not a halucination, a jest -- the unit which the handle is connected to never pulled free from where it was sitting, but the door did open. That once.) I got back in the car, and as I was starting it, the door slammed shut. (I'm not strong enough nor tall enough to push it all the way up.)

But this told me that it was NOT another incidence of the spring malfunctioning. (The first time that happened it caused our worm-gear-or-whatever to self destruct). When I did not have spring-assist, I could barely get the door off the floor without assistance, let alone far enough open to pass a car.

Back to the door, and I just could not get the handle-pull to disconnect the door. Cycling the opener did not seem to move the bulky parts of the chain which were binding the aparatus. We have a wonderful ladder right there at the front of the garage, but not enough free space for me to open it. But I am a tool using monkey, and if it stands still long enough it is a tool. We have a container that contains salt which gave me just enough lift to be able to reach the area where it all comes together. I could not get the aparatus to unbind from the bulky parts of the chain, but golly gee -- I see an arm connecting to the aparatus, which seems to be the only thing coming from the door itself.

I wish to officially bless the person who did not spread the legs of that cotter pin! It took me a bit longer to put it back in than it did to take it out. (Done so the parts would be findable if ever useful).

I could then open the door, but just not high enough that it'd balance/stay. But we have one long piece of wood in the pile of firewood/lumber over in the corner, and a box in about the right place with the right height, so I propped the door open, pulled out, went back, and slammed it.

Guess I shouldn't have bothered to chew through the straps so early.
22nd-Apr-2013 09:36 pm (UTC)

Next time get the explosive bolt jettison option. It's worth the extra cost. :-^)
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