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8th-Feb-2013 10:37 pm
Happy Bug
Most workdays, a group of us -- currently all women -- get together and walk for half an hour. Nowadays mostly indoors. About a week ago, one of our troup had been delayed by a meeting and thus missed the walk. She and I exchanged phone numbers so if she doesn't respond to the "who's coming" e-mail I can call her to verify.

One topic of conversation earlier this week turned to how she and several other Chinese coworkers or ex-coworkers were going to be meeting at my favorite Chinese restaurant on Friday (today) to celebrate Chinese New Year. I commented how much I liked the restaurant, and she invited me to join them.

She & I drove out together. We ate lots of good food. As we were in the car getting ready to drove off, our waitress ran outside. I wondered if she had been looking for us, but she didn't head in our direction, so we drove off and I didn't give it another thought.

As I was getting ready to leave work, I got a phone call from my co-traveller. She had lost an earring. I checked any likely places at work, and then, after grabbing my coat and keys, and wondering briefly where my hat was, retraced our steps to the car. Looked in the car. No joy. Found neither earring nor hat.

Went back to the restaurant. Asked first about my hat. Our waitress remembered me and mentioned that she had come out after us to try to return the hat she'd found. (Oops) But what about the earring? She'd not found it. But I described it, and she went back to where we'd been sitting -- and there it was on the floor.
10th-Feb-2013 12:54 am (UTC)
Wow! Very nice outcome!!
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