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February Reading.

Books finished in February, 2012

Treachery in Death by JDRobb. Ooooh, someone got a promotion! An interesting story. I expect to see ramifications of it spread through the next several books... Speaking of -- it seems that the next one (previewed in the back of this one) will not be a "Death" book, but rather "New York to Dallas".

Books read-at, but not finished yet

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. Yes I've read it before, as a child, before I insisted on OWNING my books. I'm reading it on-line. I like the style of the writing. I think I'm probably getting more out of it than I did 40 years ago. And I'm learning new words. Started reading this in May 2011.

Another book. The Time Machine is sort of required reading to be up on my critique of a very long and desperately awaited book a friend is writing. He read portions of several chapters at a con back in 1997 and since then I've been pushing him to FINISH AND PUBLISH. He takes the story of The Time Machine and tweaks it very little, and presents a completely different, joyous, surprising, world. One I find I like quite a bit more than Wells' world. Maybe because I'm more cynical now? More sophisticated? But moments of "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE" trade off with chills of "Wow -- I never thought of it THAT way". While I enjoy perusing it with my eyes on the screen, I do so look forward to holding this finally-progressing book in my hands and recommending it to everyone. Started this also in May, concurrently with the original.

The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner. This was loaned to me by someone who met me at FCN. I started reading it near the start of June, 2011.

Unprotected Texts by Jennifer Wright Knust. I learned about this on Fred Pohl's blog, http://www.thewaythefutureblogs.com/. Seemed like a fun book, someone else extracting what the Bible actually does say about sex and perversions thereof. When some friends were in town we stopped off at Borders, and while they didn't have it on the shelves, they ordered it for me. A day or two later is when the closure was announced -- but the book arrived, and I brought it to WorldCon (August, 2011), and read some of it there. Ditto WindyCon, GAFilk, the wedding...

Driven to Distraction (Recognizing and coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood). A friend who works as a therapist suggested that I might get some good information from this book, so I've added it to the stack, receiving and starting it on 9/9/2011. After not making much progress, once I finished the last Death book, I moved this to be my "read in the tub" book.
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