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1st-Jan-2012 12:30 am
Books finished in December, 2011

After absorbing all the new Seanan in November, I moved on to the other books I had been reading.

A Hard Pill to Swallow by Pat Smith. I know the author, so although murder mysteries/police procedurals (other than the semi-SF/Romance that "J.D.Robb" writes) are not my usual bag, I picked it up. Started reading it at the end of May, 2011. Finished it during the first week of December. Enjoyed it. Look forward to the next one. It was staged largely in my area of Michigan -- so it was fun to pick out the actual locations sort-of referenced by other names, or to say "waitaminit -- t'aint nothin' like that there!" There was a little more of "turned left on this street, right on that street, drove for a mile and turned left onto..." descriptions than I really wanted to read, but it's a hard balance to give just enough so as I townie I can say "Cool" and not so much that I roll my eyes. While there was sex in the book (which I'm not really voyeuristic enough to read avidly) it (thankfully) wasn't to the same level as the J.D.Robb books.)

Kindred in Death -- JDRobb -- A week in the life of our heroine as she brings a criminal or two to justice.

Fantasy in Death -- JDRobb -- started reading in December, 2011. A bit more SFnal than the usual. Included a trip to a gaming con. Don't know if I'm getting better at knowing where she's going, or if the environment was more familiar and that's why I second guessed the villain/psychology faster than usual.
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