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Books finished in October 
31st-Oct-2011 12:50 pm
I actually finished 2 books this month. Books that I only started this month even.

The first one, as listed on Amazon is:
  THE Silent Crime What you need to know about identity theft [Paperback]
  Stgeffan McCoy Michael and Schmidt (Author)
Clearly the author field there is mangled and misspelled. I wish I could say that wasn't indicative of what I found in the book. I think I did learn a thing or two, but most of what I learned was that the authors were quite opinionated, heavy handed, and repeated themselves often.

It did spur me to go to the www.annualcreditreport.com website and try to order a copy of my report... but that website was so badly broken that I eventually spent about half an hour on the phone tiptoeing through their order by phone system. I didn't even highlight items in my college text books, but after finding 3 errors pretty quickly in the book, I started marking them up with pen! Feh. Much disgust.

The second one I finished is (full disclosure) written by someone I know personally. See the amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/My-Life-White-Trash-Zombie/dp/0756406757/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1320080696&sr=1-1.

Loved most of the cover and found the tattoo priceless!

I struggled with the first half or so of the book -- I kind of liked many of the characters, and even more felt "real" to me -- but the protagonist isn't someone I could respect (for any number of reasons) -- so I struggled. And then as I started to learn more about the world, I had more problems... until I decided to relax and realize that the laws of physics that I understand just don't apply, and then it became a fun romp. Touch of mystery, and the last half-dozen chapters or so were very fast-paced -- the mystery unfolding, the race against ... death ... One of my original gripes with the book was smoothed over by how it unfolded.

Some books feel veryveryrushed at the end as the author realizes that s/he has to finish the book in the next 35 pages and wrap up all the loose ends. Not so this one. It was fast-paced, but it felt right and planned that way.

As I was finishing it, I wondered if there were going to be a sequel. It's not required -- it stands on its own -- but there is room for more development of some of the characters &/or their relationships. And there are a few more loose ends. If you went to the above amazon website, you'll have noticed that a sequel is due out next year.
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