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24th-Oct-2011 01:46 pm
Had a great time at OVFF, despite the fact that although I'd taken Friday off of work and "slept in" I was exhausted enough that I crashed early both nights (missing tons of music and conversation).

I bought 2 new books (one that I thought I already had, but simply couldn't find -- and since I'd bought book #5 two weeks before, I needed to put my hands on book #4) and one which was recommended to me by the same person to whom I recommended the afore(parenthetically)mentioned series.

I started reading 2 new books -- adding to the chaos that is my currently-reading list. One of them (fiction, written by someone I know - no relation to the series mentioned above) I'm not loving... but it may get better. The other (non-fiction, won in a raffle, related to Identity Theft) I am not really enjoying at all, but obsessive that I am, I will finish it. And then I will offer it back to the person from whom I won it, having written in ink (I don't usually do that to a book!) the various problems that I found -- some spelling, some consistency, some word-choice, some just lousy editing. I also made progress on a crochet-project, and had some wonderful time talking to folks -- both those whom I have known for a while and those I was introduced to this weekend. Or not even introduced to, for that matter.

Spouse & I hit the road, mid-late afternoon, and then, 45 minutes later, I got a call from another friend, telling me that if I could get to Ann Arbor by 7:30, I could get in to the Robin & Linda WIlliams concert for free. Spouse could have as well -- but he didn't have the time. But he drove me past the Ark (yes, before the show started, probably meaning a half hour or more sooner than I'd have been able to make it had I been driving), and the friend who'd called drove me home. Pretty good concert, although I didn't elect to buy any albums.
24th-Oct-2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
Glad you had a good con! It was great to see and chat with you (as always) and appreciated the crafting advice!!

I have the same tendency to stick with books that I don't like but I'm getting better at giving up and going on to something I'll enjoy more. The stumbling block to this is having had the experience of books that got so much better eventually, or the author suddenly puts everything into a context that makes everything work, that it had been worth the slog until then. So I tend to want to give all books that extra chance.

Glad you got home safely and through providence and spouses help you got a free concert :).
24th-Oct-2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
It was great to see you too. The 2nd one... well, I know I need to be more careful about things, and I've learned a couple things from this book... but as to the first, lets just say that this is a book I will need to finish, and I HOPE it gets good enough that I can recommend it. It's not _bad_ just not great... and I guess I've been spoiled by reading Seanan's books.
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