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25th-Sep-2011 03:49 pm
Last Friday after work, I met my husband for dinner. Unfortunately he had other obligations, so I then went to a show with another friend: PTD Productions' staging of Long Day's Journey Into Night.

I went there "cold" as it were. I knew nothing about the show other than the blurb in the invitation sent by the friend who was performing in it.

About the play, I'm not sure I can say anything but "wow". The characters all seemed "real" to me, and most of them were too close for comfort. I can't stop drawing parallels between myself and the mother, and the thought makes me want to scream.

About the players: The father, played by my friend, did a fine job; the mother was ... just amazing, watching her transform was beyond frightening; the fellow who played the older brother was also in the previous production I'd seen there, and I was delighted to see him back -- he may be typecast as a drunkard, but he does a fine job of it; and I was blown away by the fact that the fellow who played the younger brother was in his first production. The woman playing the help did a fine job too, but she had less stage time, and I identified with her less than with all of the others.

It's playing through October 1, 2011 if you're in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area and are interested. It's quite long. Started at 8 and didn't finish until after 11. There were 2 intermissions.
25th-Sep-2011 08:24 pm (UTC) - Long Day's....
This sounds pretty intense. Generally speaking, I enjoy live theater, but don't have the money to go more than every couple of years, and I'm not in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area; but I'll flag this in case a production comes to Minneapolis (often considered the community theater capital of the USA, perhaps just barely after New York City). Thanks for the writeup.